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MUDr. Josef Kulhánek, MBA


I am very much into sports. Not that I have any Olympic ambitions, but if adrenaline can be found in something, I go for it. Anyone who should try and stop me should know that I have been doing martial arts for years.

Like most sane people, I love discovering new places regardless of the time zone, hemisphere and the given political system. Zimbabwe with rafting on the River Zambezi, Kamchatka and Peru are definitely worth recommending.

One cannot live with his head up in the clouds all the time, but it does not hurt to do so from time to time. That is why I engage in mountaineering, which helps me keep in shape and at the same time forces met to do so. And when I feel that it is time plant my feet firmly back on the ground, I take up water sports, rafting, scuba diving and surfing.

And when I need to get from point A to point B, I mount my motorcycle and set out. My greatest hobbies? I admit that it is a slightly unusual combination, namely the history of the Second World War and painting. Many people are not aware of it, but I do not think it a secret – I have actively pursued the latter for a long time, as evidenced by several exhibitions of my works.

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